Apple’s Airpods Finally Released Surreptitiously on Tuesday

Apple’s much awaited Airpods finally available to some – unannounced release – wireless earphones or “earbuds’ to compliment the iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus.

Apple's Airpods Finally Released Surreptitiously on Tuesday

Although Apple Airpods were introduced along with the iPhone7 and the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple has long delayed its release without ever providing a concrete reason except that the company did not believe in shipping a product before it was ready, and that a little more time was needed before the much touted Airpods were customer-ready.

Apple was on the receiving end of some criticism when it introduced the Airpods in September 2016. Some customers felt that it was an intended ploy or rather business strategy to force them to buy the “earbuds.”

Probably that may have been the reason not to include earphone jacks in the iPhone7 and the iPhone7 smartphones in the first place – now this could be mere speculation or reality, who knows!

What and Why of Apple’s Airpods

The Airpods are, basically, Bluetooth enabled earphones or “earbuds” with no wires whatsoever – not even one attaching the two earpieces. They are designed to address the questions and dissatisfaction, to some extent, over the iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus not having an earphone jack.

Until it was released in a rather sneaky manner on Tuesday, iPhone7 and 7Plus owners had to make do with the 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter that is part of the package.

The other available option was Bluetooth earbuds by other manufacturers. Well, after the release of the Airpods these adaptations can be avoided as the Airpods are particularly designed for Apple products compatibility.

Some of the inclusions in the new “earbuds” by Apple are: they are embedded with the W1 chips, when an Airpod is removed from any one ear the playback pauses until it’s put back on again, Airpods have the capability of playing audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device, works at its optimum with iOS10, a double tap on any one of the Airpods will activate the Siri software which has multiple technical functionalities that, arguably, makes the Airpods kind of uniquely efficient.

Another feature is that each of the Airpods is independent of each other as well. If you prefer to use just one “earbud” the entire playback will be transferred to that one earphone. The reason behind this is that the same technology, parts, chips, software and whatever else is required are found in each piece.

Speaking of the W1 chip, it plays an important role in the transferring of audio with more precision and efficiency which enables the Airpods to play for 5 hours before another charge is required. It actually enables better battery power management resulting in enhanced playback time – and of course, the Bluetooth pairing is way faster.

The price factor

At an online price of $159 the Airpods pair is rather expensive for most customers, and this has been one of its main criticisms as well.

They can also be sold as a single “earbud” – just in case the user happens to lose one – however, the price is not yet known.

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