BATTLEFIELD V is Coming in October: Multiplayer Trailer Teases a New ‘Royale’ Mode

The new multiplayer trailer that EA teased with showcased adrenaline-pumping combat action graphics, mobility of weapons, and improved destructibility, on a never-seen-before scale

BATTLEFIELD V is Coming in October: Multiplayer Trailer Teases a New ‘Royale’ Mode

The 24th edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018, or E3 2018, which is due to kick off on June 12 and last until June 14, promises to be the biggest gaming expo yet, with exciting new gaming reveals, breathtaking trailers, and a chance for some hands-on fun with some of the latest games from developers from around the world.

While all of that is still a couple of days away, we already have some really exciting news from the E3 2018 Conference held on June 9, where video-game company Electronic Arts Inc, better known as EA, made some significant gaming announcements and reveals.

There were indie games trailers for titles like ‘Sea of Solitude’ and ‘Unravel 2,’ to name a couple, as well as AAA games, including FIFA 19, Madden NFL 19, as well as a brand new multiplayer trailer for the highly-anticipated Battlefield V – a World War II shooter game from developer DICE.

While it’s Battlefield V that is the subject of our interest here, let’s just talk a bit about Bioware’s ‘Anthem,’ which, many would agree, stole the limelight with some amazing new footage and a roundtable interview.

Anthem’s demo hinted at a game that promises to be nothing less than enticingly powerful and refreshing, presented on a scale that’s not only huge but breathtakingly awesome, as well.

That out of the way, let’s go straight ahead and check out why Battlefield V from DICE is being touted as “deepest and most immersive” experience in the entire series.

Weapons that were stationary in the earlier versions have now become mobile, allowing you to move them around the battlefield for strategic advantage.

You will also notice a big improvement in the destructibility factor, with more explosive and spectacular graphics.

“And our renowned destruction system is back and more impactful than ever,” one of the game’s presenters said at the conference.

“So, well, you can’t’ really hide from those pesky tanks, and more, as they come chasing you; as they rip through those buildings,” he said, adding that the game will allow you to “dive and smash through windows to surprise your enemies.”

And, to add to all that is the customization factor in Battlefield V, which makes it all the more exciting, as it allows you to customize “your soldiers, your vehicles, and your weapons, not only for the gameplay but for the looks, as part of our portrayal of the second world war,” said the EA presenter.

Last, but not at all the least, is the new Royale mode which the presenters claimed has been “re-imagined for Battlefield.”

“We bring those pillars of Battlefield with destruction, team play, vehicles into this new experience,’ said the older presenter.

“We will bring you an experience that you haven’t played before, in Battlefield or anywhere else,” he added.

The new multiplayer trailer that EA teased with showcased all of those adrenaline-pumping combat action graphics and a never-seen-before scale of destruction that the presenters promised.

The trailer starts with a group of paratroopers jumping off a military airplane into a Norway night sky lit up by the spectacular Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the Northern Lights, with snow-covered mountains all around.

It highlights the mobility of the weapons and the destructibility element, with spectacular ground level action, flying bullets, exploding buildings, anti-aircraft batteries attached to the back of tanks, thrilling dogfights, shot-down planes, and everything else that makes a good war theme.

EA also gave the conference audience a sneak peek into the single-player campaign, ‘War Stories,’ which allows you to play the game through different vignettes.

We should have some more on that today (June 10) at Microsoft’s Xbox showcase.

However, despite everything, there’s still very little that we know about the new ‘Royale’ mode that so much is being made of, other than EA’s promise that it will allow team play and feature destructive graphics never experienced before in Battlefield, or, for that matter, in any other title.

More information on the Battlefield Royale is expected to be released later this year, before the scheduled release of the game, itself, on October 19; the game will be made available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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