How Donald Trump Proved In Many Ways as Being Racist

They say some characteristics in human beings are hereditary and inbred. Trump as an example

Donald Trump Racist

They say some characteristics in human beings are hereditary and inbred and children learn a lot of these traits from the peers. Hate and love are two emotional traits that one is not born with but learns and inculcates in one’s character in by observing society in general.

In other words, hatred for a certain race or religion is not natural but is indoctrinated in the minds of people like in the Southern United States in the 1800s and later during the civil war, Southerners did not consider Blacks as human beings and inflicted cruelty and pain for their mindset was that they were meant to live in servitude and serve their white masters.

Brought in from Africa and sold to white plantation owners to work on their cotton field they were subjected to all sort of atrocities, with black women being raped and boys sodomized.

This evil passed on to generations until the civil war when things really start to change.

With time and education blacks realized they had rights too and under Dr. Martin Luther King launched the civil rights movement with the result that President Lyndon B Johnson signed the civil rights bill in 1963 granting equal status to blacks.

Things have changed in a revolutionary manner and today a black aAfrican American, President Barack Obama is President of the United States.

Have things really changed ? Barack Obama was not elected to office because loved the color of his skin or that white Americans wanted to atone for the sins of their forefathers.

Obama was elected and reelected because he addressed the issues confronting the people.

In November 2016 , Obama will leave office as the 2016 elections and the new occupant of the White house will either be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

It is a very well known fact that Hillary Clinton has no issues with the minorities that are the blacks, the Hispanics, the Mexicans nor with people of different faiths that are Muslims. Christians Jews or Hindus.

As for Donald Trump, it is a completely different ball game as witnessed during the course of his election campaign.

To appeal to White American voters, he has done everything he thinks is justified in alienating Mexicans, Hispanics, and blacks not to forget Muslims.

So the question arises is the future aspirant to the White house a racist, a bigot , xenophobic, or simply playing to the gallery .

Well, truth be told , to know someone one needs to explore his family background and it seems that trumps if not racist are biased to blacks.

In a latest New York times story It has been discovered Fred C Trump Donald Trump’s father was indeed biased in his business dealings related to housing and renting of apartments to blacks.

It seems that Maxine Brown was a model tenant who wished to rent a one-room apartment in the still-unfinished Wilshire Apartments in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood of Queens.

With excellent credentials and references, she should have been given the rental.

However, her application was kept pending on the instructions of the elder Trump as there was one hitch.

The 33-year old nurse was black.

Like father, like son Donald Trump idolized his father and has in his business dealings pursued his policies.

Trump’s attitude of rejecting black tenants was documented by activists and organizations that viewed equal housing as the next frontier in the civil rights struggle.

The Justice Department undertook its own investigation and, in 1973, sued Trump Management for discriminating against blacks.

Both the Trumps, Fred Trump, the company’s chairman, and Donald Trump, its president, were named as defendants.

This was the first time Donald Trump came into the public eye.

The Trumps denied any allegations and bias and the senior Trump went on the offensive by alleging character assignation and demands to provide housing to “welfare recipients” and a $100 million countersuit accusing the Justice Department of defamation.

However, It must be borne in mind that Fred C Trump is not running for the office of the President of the United States and his son Donald J Trump is vying for the august post.

It now seems that the Donald camp is set to woo black voters. Talk about hypocrisy.

In the latest development in this context, Trump has tweeted that the shooting death of

National Basketball Association star Dwyane Wade’s cousin in Chicago is an example of why African-Americans should vote for him in November.

This caused an uproar and outrage online from basketball fans, celebrities, and others.

Nike Aldridge, a 32-year-old mother of four, was pushing a stroller in Chicago’s Parkway Gardens section Friday afternoon as two men exchanged gunfire. She was struck in the arm and the head by stray bullets and was pronounced dead at the scene, according to police.

Wade is a 34-year-old shooting guard, 12-time NBA All-Star, and two-time Olympian who recently left the Miami Heat to sign with his hometown Chicago Bulls.

Trump has called Hillary Clinton a ‘ bigot’ a typical and classic example of the pot calling the kettle black.

Trump plays on the psyche of voters mentioning the misery and deprivations blacks have had to endure and they should vote for him to change their lot .

Meeting with African-American and Hispanic Republican leaders at New York’s Trump Tower last week he tried to put the message across.

Last week, speaking at a rally in Virginia he repeated his call that they had nothing to lose as they were already living in poverty, studying in no good schools and 58% youth unemployed.

Many detractors world argue that being in miserable circumstances does not in any way imply that you should sell your soul to the devil.

Similarly, Trump has alienated the Muslim community by calling for a complete ban on Muslims entering the U.S.A. Once again he has struck the fear psyche of people demonizing Muslims.

What Trump does not seem to realize that a lone wolf’s action has nothing to do with Muslims at all and that terrorists are not Muslims and Muslims are not terrorists.

After all, What Hitler did to the jews does not make the entire german race antijewish or responsible for his actions.

It is understandable that there will be a backlash in the aftermath of Terrorist bombing attributed to a Muslim. However, that does not mean that Trump should politicize the matter for personal voter gain.

Another negative feature of Donald’s campaign has been his vilification of women whom he has not given their due respect.

That is why he has promoted Kelly Anne Conway as his campaign manager whose job will be to woo women voters in large numbers.

Trump’s rhetoric and slogan ‘Make America great again” has appealed to white American voters and rich retirees in Florida and other states.

Veterans also have to some extent endorsed him but the problem is that Trump does not have a game plan by which he can convince voters as how he can make America great again.

The job of the U S president is the most important in the world for the US president is the Commander-in-Chief of the US Army, Navy, Air Force and US marines.

He also has access to the nuclear codes which can trigger the launch of nuclear missiles.

It is the highest position of responsibility anyone can have. At this point in time, Donald Trump has not displayed the sense of responsibility the people expect of him. Many would say that he is not presidential material nor has the presidential credentials.

As for Hillary Clinton, well the world knows she has been in politics for over three decades fulfilling roles as the First Lady of Arkansas when husband Bill was Governor followed by the First Lady of the USA while Bill was president for 8 years.

She then became Senator of New York, President Obama’s Secretary of State and now the Democratic nominee for the office of the US president.

With such credentials, her supporters say that she is tailored for the job. With less than 90 days to go, it is going to be a grueling, tough, no holds barred, hard hitting and ruthless campaign .

The national polls say that Hillary is in the lead by 6 points in some states and 4 in others. The CNN debates which are a good barometer to gauge the standings will start next month .

Although Trump has the advantage of being a better speaker and sways his audience he is not focused on issues. Hillary, on the other hand, is an expert in US foreign policy , health and childcare issues, women’s issues etc.

The question of racism, hate mongering spreading fear and hysteria among the masses by trump will certainly be brought up by the Hillary camp.

The elections are on a knife’s edge and the slightest foul up could cost the candidates dearly.

If ethics and morality were to be the yardstick to judge the outcome of this US election Then Hillary Rodham Clinton would be far ahead to reach the finishing post than her unpredictable rival. Only time will tell.

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Written by Syed Anwer Ali

Ali Anwer is a veteran journalist having worked in Asia’s leading English daily newspaper for almost a decade. A prolific writer, he has contributed articles to different newspapers and established websites. He has also engaged in sports reporting for a brief period.

Having traveled the world extensively, he is a repository of information on world history, current affairs, political events and the entertainment industry. Being a movie buff he is an encyclopedia on Hollywood movies and actors.

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