iPhone 7 Users Can Now Listen and Charge Simultaneously With Rayz Plus Lightning Earbuds

Pioneer’s new Rayz Plus lightning earbuds looks to solve the iPhone 7 lightning port issue – Users can now charge and listen to music at the same time

iPhone 7 Users Can Now Listen and Charge Simultaneously With Rayz Plus Lightning Earbuds

The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus come with just one lightning port which can be either used to charge the phone or to listen to music – both can’t be done simultaneously.

Although Apple did provide a wireless fix to the listening-and-charging-at the-same-time quandary, it was not for those who do not prefer or are not ready to go wireless.

While the Apple Airpods may be the ideal solution for many iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users, it restricts those who do not fancy the wireless types, for whatever reason. They would not be wrong if they feel they are being forced into the wireless option.

Now with the introduction of the Rayz Plus headphones/earbuds, the issue seems to have been resolved – what should have come from Apple has been made available by Pioneer.

Pioneer’s New Rayz Plus will now allow users to listen to music and charge their iPhone 7 and 7 Plus simultaneously. The charging can be done through a pass-through lightning port housed in a dongle integrated into the cable of the Rayz Plus while it allows you access to music through the lone lightning port in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

To put it differently, the headphone will connect to the iPhone 7 or iPad lightning port and the phone charger will connect to the lightning port inbuilt in the headphone cable, for simultaneous listening and charging.

Being a lightning headphone the Rayz Plus draws its power from the iPhone or iPad. So, even if the phone is not being charged the headphone can draw its power from the device which is minimal as Pioneer claims. When the phone needs charging all the user has to do is simply connect the charger to the lightning port on the headphone drawing power from a wall socket.

Here’s a list of the salient features of the new Rayz Plus by Pioneer:

The Earphones

Rayz earphones come with ‘smart noise canceling’ capability which can adapt to the user’s ears and surroundings and cut off undesired ambient sound for better focus.

At the same time, the HearThru feature keeps some ambient sound audible enough in the interest of safety – it ensures that the user does not become totally oblivious to his surroundings while listening to stuff on the Rayz Plus.

The AutoPause feature ensures that the music pauses automatically when the earphones are taken off and resumes when put back on.

The Control

The Rayz Plus has a remote control which, like the dongle (housing the lightning port), is integrated into the cable of the headphone like its earlier version, Rayz. However, the new Rayz Plus has an additional smart button added to the control which is a welcome inclusion in that it allows the user to bring up favorite apps, launch the Rayz controls and even mute and unmute calls.

pioneer rayz plus lightning headphones
Pioneer Rayz plus lightning headphones

A personalized app allows users to customize the earphone and smart button settings with regular software updates adding new features to the app.

Multiple microphones in the Rayz Plus and patented “voice isolation technology” ensure better user voice recognition by Siri.

The Charging Port

As mentioned earlier, the integrated charging port allows the user to charge his/her iPhone or iPad while the lightning headset draws minimal power from the lightning port on the device thereby eliminating the need for a battery and additional charging cables. The charging port makes the Rayz Plus the first of its kind among lightning headphones.

The Price

Priced at $ 150 it is just nine dollars less than the wireless Apple Airpods. Surely, anyone opting for the wired Rayz Plus would not be doing it for the price advantage but out of preference as the difference is not that big to make it the deciding factor.

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