Nokia in Retro Mode – Plans to Re-launch the Evocative 3310

Nokia to give fans a blast from the past – plans to launch the sturdy 3310 one more time – the almost unbreakable phone of yore

Nokia in Retro Mode – Plans to Re-launch the Evocative 3310

With the reputation of being one of the most robust phones known to users, especially Nokia fans, the Nokia 3310 is due to reincarnate later this month if sources are to be believed.

HMD Global, which has exclusive marketing rights over the Nokia brand of phones and having had great success in its debut launch of the Nokia 6, is planning to reintroduce the almost unbreakable Nokia 3310.

According to reliable sources, and to the delight of the Nokia diehards, it will grace the virtual and physical mobile stores once again as early as this month. HMD Global, reportedly, will launch the Nokia 3310 in Barcelona, Spain, at the World Mobile Congress which is due to be held between February 27 and March 2, 2017.

The Nokia 3310 made its first foray in the GSM mobile world in the last quarter of 2000 and took the mobile market by storm with a 126 million units being sold before it was phased out in 2005.

Even today, it is thought of with sweet nostalgia and has a cult following primarily because of its sturdiness, good battery, and iconic design which are embedded in the memories of those who have been fortunate enough to use it. The proof of its durability lies in the fact that the phone is still seen being used by many, especially in developing countries.

Original Nokia 3310 classic phone
Original Nokia 3310 classic phone

So popular is the Nokia 3310 robustness that in November 2015, the Govt of Finland gave it the ‘National Emoji’ status for Finland with the emoji referred to as “The Unbreakable.”

Here are some of the original features of the Nokia 3310 considered state-of-the-art at the time.

Utilities – Stopwatch, calculator, Nokia network monitor, and a reminder function were included in the Nokia 3310.

Games – The handset had four built-in games namely Pairs II, Bantumi, Space Impact, and the super hit Snake II.

Text Messaging – The Nokia 3310 had the longer messaging feature allowing 459 character messages, three times that of the regular mobile phones of the time.

Threaded SMS – It had the threaded message feature or SMS Chat for user convenience.

Voice dialing – It offered the voice dialing feature for quick dialing of preferred numbers.

Customization – Xpress-On covers, manufactured by different companies the world over, could be used to customize the Nokia 3310 with a vast range of colorful designs available readily.

Ringtones – It came with 35 factory installed ringtones with enough space available for 7 additional ringtones of choice.

Well, Nokia 3310 fans, the wait is nearly over with its reported rebirth – the Nokia 3310 can once again make its way into your pockets at an estimated cost of € 59 ($63).

If sources are correct, HMD Global will specifically target the European market at the launch. However, global distribution plans have not yet been revealed.

Another important piece of information about the new Nokia 3310 doing the rounds is that it will not be an identical reproduction of the original but a rather modernized version – the Volkswagen Beetle of mobile phones if you will. It is more of an “homage,” as the source prefers to call it, to the original 3310. What the changes or improvements are on the “homage” is anybody’s guess.

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