Not Happy with the Posts of a Friend on Facebook? Use the New SNOOZE Button to Mute Them for 30 Days

Facebook’s new News Feed content-control feature “Snooze” allows users to temporarily snooze friends, groups and pages for 30 days without having to Unfriend or Unfollow them

Not Happy with the Posts of a Friend on Facebook? Use the New SNOOZE Button to Mute Them for 30 Days

On Saturday (Dec. 16), Facebook added a new feature that affords its two billion users better control over the content in their News Feed.

Using the new Snooze button in the top-right menu (…) next to each post on your News Feed, you can now temporarily mute that friend who has been testing your nerves with his/her posts, or shut up any group or page for any reason you like – it’s a user prerogative that does not require you to give a reason.

It can come in real handy in a number of scenarios that, at some point in their Facebook experience, most users, if not all, have encountered – the most common being a friend who has been cluttering your News Feed with heaps of posts and updates, especially on topics that don’t interest you, among many other similarly annoying scenarios that you’d like to take a break from.


Posted by Facebook on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

“We’re testing new ways to give people control over their News Feed so they can stay connected with, the stories they find most relevant,” Facebook told TechCrunch.

While many social media features are hardly ever used, Snooze is likely to see extensive employment across the platform. Yours truly, for one, has already started making the most of it.

Some scenarios where Snooze can come in handy are:

  • Students Snoozing friends, pages, and groups that could prove to be major distractions before and during exams.
  • Snoozing over-zealous friends and groups bombarding your News Feed with stuff that you could well do without, getting them back on when sanity prevails.
  • Snoozing brands when they go overboard with their holiday deals.
  • Snoozing an ex- whose posts you are better-off without – until you get a hold of your emotions.

These are just a few examples from hundreds of other potential scenarios where you may find the Snooze button pretty useful.

However, if you find yourself snoozing a friend, group, or page on a regular basis, it’s time you Unfriended or Unfollowed them – just a suggestion!

The best part about the new feature is that the friend, group, or page being “snoozed” will not get any notification of your action – so, nobody gets offended.

And, when the 30-day snooze is about to expire, Facebook notifies you about it. It’s up to you, then, to allow the muted friend back onboard your News Feed or shut him up for another month in the interest of your sanity.

“Seeing too many photos of your uncle’s new cat? Is your friend tempting you with endless photos of ramen on her Japan trip? It turns out, you’re not alone,” Facebook product manager Shruthi Muraleedharan said in an announcement blog post.

Because of its temporary nature, Snooze can be looked at as a softer version of Facebook’s Unfollow feature it introduced in 2012.

Snooze joins an array of other content-control features like Hide and Report and more options under the News Feed menu on the top-left of your News Feed/Homepage screen, including Top Stories, Most Recent, Friends Feed, Pages Feed, Groups Feed and Photos Feed, that are designed to enhance your News Feed customization experience.

Snooze access is currently not available to all FB users, as it is still in a testing phase along with many other features FB hopes to introduce.

“One of the things that I’m most proud of and I think is really key to our success is this testing framework we’ve built,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently told Reid Hoffman on the podcast Masters of Scale. “At any given point in time there isn’t just one version of Facebook running, there’s probably 10,000.”

“One of our core News Feed values is giving people more control. Over the next week, we’re launching Snooze, which will give you the option to temporarily unfollow a person, Page or group for 30 days.

By selecting Snooze in the top-right drop-down menu of a post, you won’t see content from those people, Pages or groups in your News Feed for that time period,” says the Facebook team.

While Facebook claims to have included the new feature on common user demand, it comes at a time when the company is facing serious questions about its adverse effect on children’s psyche and society in general, with a former Facebook employee going as far as to say that social networking platforms are destroying the very fabric of society.

“Social networks are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works. The short-term dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works and eroding the core foundations of how people behave by and between each other,” said former Facebook executive, Chamath Palihapitiy, during an interview at Stanford University in November.

So far, most of the reactions on social media are pretty much supportive of the new feature.

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