Recap of “A Dark Reflection” – Season 2, Episode 17

The hunt for the Mortal Mirror is on – Elliot kills himself protecting the secret of the Mirror’s location – Clary and Jace manage to escape from Jonathan taking the Mirror with them

Recap of “A Dark Reflection” - Season 2, Episode 17

“A Dark Reflection”, the 17th installment of the second season of “Shadowhunters,” primarily focuses on the hunt for the last of the three Mortal Instruments – The Mortal Mirror. In the hands of Valentine and Jonathan, the Mirror will serve as an instrument through which they will be able to resurrect Angel Raziel so that they can annihilate the “Downworld.”

The show starts with Clary trapped in a watery nightmare, and, as is always the case with nightmares, wakes up at the last moment before disaster to find Jace trying to calm her down.

She tells him about her dream and how she is worried about her brother Jonathan in spite of him being under Valentine’s influence. She does want to find him without really knowing where to begin. Ironically, her brother Jonathan Morgenstern has been right in front of them, all the while posing as Sebastian.

Elliot, the only warlock who knew the location of the coveted object, courtesy Jocelyn, refuses to reveal the secret to Sebastian and Valentine when confronted by them at his bookshop. Before being taken away by them, he kills himself with a magical spell to safeguard the location – the knowledge, now, passing on to his most trusted ally – Dot. One has to admit that Elliot’s suicide was a rather disturbing high point, if you will, of the episode.

Jace and Clary find Elliot’s body in his shop and on seeing dead flowers there, the realization that Jonathan killed the warlock dawns on her. Jocelyn had told her that when her brother was a baby, flowers around him would wither and die.

Photo credit: Freeform / John Medland
Photo credit: Freeform / John Medland

Clary and Jace manage to recover the Mortal Mirror after Dot narrows the location down to three probable options one of them being a park where Clary and Jocelyn had picnicked in the past. They realize it made sense for Jocelyn to hide the mirror at a location that Clary would remember.

However, they are ambushed by Clary’s evil brother who had even tried to seduce her earlier, knowing very well that she was his sister. He nearly kills Jace but is lured into dropping his guard by an offer of getting back with his family if he cut all relations with Valentine. Dot sees her opening and catches Jonathan unawares with a blast and Clary and Jace manage to escape through a portal along with the magical mirror.

Meanwhile, Magnus is disconsolate that Alec hid the truth about the soul sword from him while revealing the information to Clary and Jace. An upset Magnus is seen walking away from the scene leaving behind a guilty Alec.

On a third front in the episode, Izzy is concerned about her little brother growing up as she learns about Alec’s plan to send him on his first real mission. Her worry about Max getting hurt is compounded by the fact that he had nearly died a few episodes ago. Simon has spent hours training with Max when he finally realizes that all this is taking a toll on Izzy.

Later they meet Maia at the Jade Wolf who misunderstands the relationship between the two, taking them to be a couple. She is obviously upset as she harbors romantic designs on Simon. Izzy comes to Simon’s rescue asking Maia to give him a chance.

With the Mortal Mirror gone, Jonathan starts ferreting through Alec’s office when Max appears and tells him that he knows his real identity. The episode ends with a murderous look in Jonathan’s eyes.

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