Reindeers Being Trained to Deliver Domino’s Pizza in Japan – What next?

Self-driving automobiles – virtual & augmented reality – commercial drones – So, what next? Read on.

Reindeers Being Trained to Deliver Domino's Pizza in Japan – What next?

After months of trial and error, Dominos, in collaboration with Flirtey, was successful in delivering pizza by custom made drones to select homes in New Zealand.

They are continuing to work on this delivery system to cover a much larger area in the country and establish a substantial customer base. The obvious strategy is to reach out to as many customers as possible, and in real quick time.

They are implementing this delivery method in other courtiers as well, where the laws are not as stringent in comparison to U.S. laws on the subject – needless to say!

Having conquered and mastered the drone-deliver system, and with the wherewithal at their disposal, the Domino & Flirtey combination can introduce the system in most countries depending on permits and the local laws.

Now, that we have been accustomed to the constant influx of new high-tech gadgets and systems, almost every month, and have developed a kind of immunity to it, so to speak, it will nevertheless, come as a shock to those who haven’t heard or read about what’s in store for them in the very near future – pizza delivery by trained reindeer – a welcome deviation from everything “hi-tech” or “smart tech applications.”

Reindeers being trained to deliver Dominos pizzas this Christmas!
Reindeers being trained to deliver Dominos pizzas this Christmas!

After predictions of a harsher than normal winter, this year by Japan’s meteorological agencies, including snowstorms and blizzards, Japan’s Domino think tank have been exploring other cost-effective delivery contingency plans, and have come up with the unprecedented idea of reindeer-delivered-pizza program.

Now, animal rights activists may have a few things to say against this, but the employment of reindeer by humans for pulling sleds laden with goods and men and other services is an age old practice. So, what did the animal rights activists do about that?

According to reports of a published statement on November 17, 2016, Dominos wrote about its collaboration with reindeer breeders at the Hokkaido Delivery Integrated Research Center.

Pizza delivery by trained reindeer in Japan – sounds preposterous? Well, let’s dig a little deeper and find out more about this bizarre endeavor being undertaken by Dominos Japan and the purpose behind it – potentially.

The first priority behind most businesses, if not all, is to make profits – that’s the driving force and I am certain, most if not all, will agree – it’s an increasingly profit-oriented world we are living in. New concepts keep emerging, sometimes with irritating frequency, on improvising services and keep it cost-effective at the same time.

Primarily, the reindeer-delivered pizza-plan, being termed as the “delivery action plan” by the company, will cater to customers in Hokkaido where winters are exceptionally rough and most places become inaccessible on cycles.

It’s also a constant endeavor by Domino to link Santa Claus with pizza, a
conspicuous advertising gimmick, and a brilliant one at that!

‘Profits’ and ‘link with Santa’ aside, the reindeer delivery idea is to continue to cater to pizza demands in the winter, in snowy weather, when delivery on bikes and other modes become less practical or even impossible.

It must be pointed out that reindeer delivery is not only intended to honor the spirit of Christmas, but it will also help round the year where access on bikes can become problematic during snowfalls.

The reindeer, of course, will undergo extensive training and, in all likelihood, be accompanied by a delivery boy or tamer – after all reindeer are not homing pigeons.

Normally, reindeer are known to pull sleighs behind them, but for pizza delivery, they will be basically employed to maneuver inhospitable conditions and assist the delivery person in delivering pizzas in a specially designed insulated box to maintain its freshness.

Well, all in all, one can surmise that this is a seasonally oriented program designed to counter harsh and inhospitable winter conditions, and not lose out on business during this phase. The same applies to customers living in these areas who are sure to benefit from this program by easily getting deliveries of piping hot pizzas even during a blizzard – what more can you ask for?

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