The Nintendo “Switch” Game Console Releasing Worldwide on Friday

The Switch is definitely an improvement on the flop Wii U – the first of its kind – know more about the features

The Nintendo “Switch” Game Console Releasing Worldwide on Friday

The Switch, unveiled on October 20, 2016, and due to be released worldwide tomorrow, is basically a video game console developed by the Japanese gaming company Nintendo. After the failure of its previous console Wii U, which was rather ungainly and flopped miserably, Nintendo seems to have come up with a winner in the new Switch.

From the looks of it, the Switch may well give the Sony Play Station and Microsoft’s Xbox One stiff competition on some levels, at least.

It can serve as a home console with the central console unit placed onto a docking station to connect to television, or it can be used independently away from home without the need of being in range, a limitation that may have contributed to the downfall of Wii U.

When not being used as a home console, the Switch can be removed from the docking station allowing it to function as a Tablet through its LCD touch screen. Alternatively, it can be used as a standalone tabletop gaming device making it possible for several players to join in.


The most distinguishing features of the new Nintendo gaming console are the wireless Joy-Con controllers that come with the standard buttons and a directional joystick which is used: for user input, as a motion sensor and for high definition feedback perceptible to the sense of touch.

For handheld play, the Joy-Con can be attached to both sides of the console, or it can be detached from the console and used independently in the hand similar to Nintendo’s Wii remote. It can also be used as a conventional home console by connecting it to a grip accessory.

It supports digital content for games and software as well as flash ROM cartridges.

Learning from all the negative feedback about the Wii U, Nintendo has made sure that the setup of the Switch is hassle-free and easy. One cable connects the dock to the television and one to a power outlet for use as a traditional home console. As soon as the Switch is mounted on the dock, the image is displayed on the television screen.

When the Joy-Cons are attached to the sides of the Switch, they blend in with Switch and appear as two strips on the sides with buttons. A simple press of a button removes the Joy-Cons making it possible for the user to mount it on the dock and use the Joy-Cons for control.

The Joy-Cons can be slid on and off the Switch with consummate ease and docking it is as easy – it simply snaps into place once dropped into the docking station.

To sum it up here are the features of the Nintendo switch:

* 6.2″ capacitive 720p touchscreen
* Dock with HDMI out for “console mode”
* 32GB of storage which is upgradable
* A slot for game cards on top
* A kickstand at the back
* Micro SD slot below the kickstand
* Power button, volume controls and headphone jack on top of the tablet
* USB-C port on the bottom for charging

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