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Top 5 Places to Watch Sunsets In America

Top 5 Places to Watch Sunsets In America

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Watching the sun go down can be a mesmerizing sight. Across America, from the eastern coast to western shores and island outposts, one can find truly stunning sunsets. While sunsets are beautiful to behold no matter where you are, there are some places where they seem all the more spectacular. The following locations are the best places to watch the sun go down in the United States.

#1 Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon, Arizona
Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is a popular destination for locals and tourists from around the world, Standing on the edge of the mighty Grand Canyon has been described as awe-inspiring, breathtaking, astonishing and even overwhelming. Especially at sunset. This is when the Grand Canyon comes alive with vivid color, great shadows and dancing light. In just minutes, the Canyon can change from orange to pink to purple as the falling sun casts color and shade across the valleys, peaks and crevasses. It is magnificent! If you are lucky enough to experience it, you will never forget it.

#2 Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Sunset Point in Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the best places to watch the sunset. At 8,000 feet, Sunset Point offers dramatic views of Bryce Canyon’s main amphitheater. Stunning any time of day, the hoodoos seem to come alive in a rainbow of color as twilight sets in and shadows wash over the Claron Formation rock. Just below the overlook on the northern edge, Thor’s Hammer stands alone. Striking in form due to its isolation from other hoodoos, Thor’s Hammer is a favorite among visitors. Sunset Point is a wonderful place for watching birds. Here Violet-green Swallows, Cliff Swallows, and White-throated Swifts patrol the cliffs.

#3 Florida Keys

Florida Keys

There’s nothing quite like a Florida sunset. No matter how many times you witness the sun going down over the water, it’s always a magical experience. Key West, the furthest island of the Keys, is a no-brainer when you’re on the prowl for a perfect sunset. it is where sunset dreams come true. For residents and visitors of the Florida Keys sunsets are a part of Florida Keys living and a cause for a sunset celebration. Florida Keys sunsets produce vivid shades of orange, violet, mauve, and pink. The touch of warm evening breezes, together with island aromas and the sound of swaying palm trees only further enhances the magic of a tropical sunset. This sunset ritual practiced in the Florida Keys has become a celebration of life itself.

#4 Mount Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii

#4 Mount Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii
Mount Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii

Without a doubt the most popular thing to do in Haleakala is watching the sunset. More than half a million visitors per year make the winding drive through upcountry to the reach the summit of haleakala national park to witness the changing colors of the sky and dramatic landscape. Here, you’re as high as the clouds, and the sun’s rays break through them in such a way that it creates a prism of golden lights. Already famous for its breathtaking sunrise, the summit offers views from the Big Island to Moloka‘i almost the entirety of Maui that are just as spectacular at sunset.

#5 Leland, MI

Leland, MI
Leland, MI

The charming village of Leland, on the Leelanau Peninsula between Lake Michigan and Lake Leelanau, is one of the great scenic places in America to enjoy lake life and all its perks, including nightly sunset. The setting is rustic in a way that only a historic fishing village can be. Nature lovers watch the sun set over Lake Michigan for a postcard-perfect experience. There are also boat launches on both Lake Michigan and Lake Leelanau. You can even kayak or canoe on the Leland river. The sandy beach of Lake Michigan is just steps from the Lodge. You can watch the sunset from the deck of the Lodge, or stroll down to the beach and watch the last beams of sunlight dance on the waves before it sinks out of sight.

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