Top 5 Ways to Make an Arranged Marriage Work

Top 5 Ways to Make an Arranged Marriage Work

An arranged marriage is the coming together of two individuals from different backgrounds to engineer a life. It is an arrangement in which the parents or the close relatives arrange the marriage or, in better words, find a suitable match for their daughter or son. Though an arranged marriage may feel like a pre-historic concept, such matches are still prevalent in society.

The concept of arranged matches has changed over the years. What has, however, not changed is the mystery it holds.You slowly and gradually get to know each other. Arranged marriages are far more likely to lead to lasting affection than marriages of passion, experts claim.

With due respect to the ideology of love marriage, we need to know that arranged marriages can also be as loving as love marriages. Here are tips on ways to understand your partner better.

1. Communicate


If you want to know something about your partner, just ask. Communication is a lifelong pursuit that lies at the center of successful marriages. To begin, stop and listen, really hear what your spouse is saying. Be open and honest – don’t be afraid to discuss difficult topics, so you can tackle them together and move on. Every single detail about your partner is important, whether it’s their favourite food or colour or temperament. Be respectful of one another and focus on the topic at hand.

2. Initial Bonding


Getting to know your partner is essential and that can only be achieved when you spend time alone, instead of with your respective families. Going out and doing things together allows you and your spouse to have some fun while finding out more about each other’s likes and dislikes. If you both have busy schedules and aren’t getting enough time with each other, you can share activities that both of you like. The more you are together, the better understanding you will have about your compatibility.

3. Be a Friend to your Partner


Try not to meet in formal surroundings; instead choose a setting where both of you are comfortable. Have a frank talk with your partner, Be transparent, speak your heart out, share your wild thoughts, and you will realise you have developed enough love to fool everyone around to believe you had a mushy love marriage. Best way to do that is to treat your arranged marriage as a live-in relationship where you are figuring out your partner without all the risks of losing each other.

4. Give Each Other Space


The most loving relationships are of the partners who give some ‘separate and away’ time to each other with honour and respect. No one needs a clingy life partner. Continue to go out with your friends and follow your passions and hobbies even after your marriage. There is no rule stating that you need to spend all of your time pleasing your partner. Letting your partner have his/her ME time is best way to make your love stronger.

5. Fall in Love Eventually


The advantage that arranged marriages have is that there is no illusion of love to begin with. There is a shared idea that the marriage will work because they are going to make it work. And in so doing, love often arises. Once they get into the committed relationship of marriage, they discover each other more and with a sense of commitment, they fall in love. In the process, they develop the trust, respect and deep love for their each other as well for the relationship. Many people in arranged marriages state that they, too, gradually fell in love with their partners.

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